We are not currently seeking donations and do thank those that have donated...scroll down to see our donors.


This project was totally funded through private donations to the "Purple Heart Trail Fund," established under the Marine Corps League #680, a non-profit veteran’s organization. Funds have been applied to purchase and install highway signs and to establish a mandated reserve fund for their replacements if/when needed.  Funds may also be used to prepare & distribute special Purple Heart Trail pamphlets to guide visitors to the various veteran venues along this part of the trail (see the Maps page).






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Our Thanks to the Kiwanis of Atascadero and Marine Corps League 680
 for a great burger/chips/soda fund raiser at the Atascadero Faces of Freedom Memorial April 10, 2010
 They raised over $250.


BBQ Setup...and the food was great   Some of the Crew, thanks guys!



A very special THANK YOU to the following donors: 



Adrianse, Lyle

Bachan, Bill

Barnes, Louis & Claudia

Baty, Michael & Erin

Bayer, Oscar

Bellefeuille, Ben

Benson, Allen & Mary

Bright, Karen

Calhoun, Ray & Donna

Clay, Jerry & Vivienne

Corton, Chad & Alyson

Cummings, Dana

Dauth, Raymon & Jody

Depalo, Jennifer & Dana

Dillon, Michael

Estes, James

Farrell, Terry & Jeri

Forister, Michael & Pamela

Frayer, David & Connie

Frederick, Todd & Christin

Galdan, George

Geist, Lawrence & Barbara

Glober, Audrey

Gong, John & Betty

Griffin, Jason & Shannon

Guriel, Nick & Karen

Hagedorn, Key & Robert

Haley Tim & Janet

Haley, Kathryn

Harris, Bonnie

Hathcock, Richard

Hawkins, Jim & Elizabeth

Hopper Jr., William

Houston, William & Mary

Hudgens, David & Pamela

Jazwiecki, Arthur

Jones, Jack & Joy

Margherone, Edward

Matheson, Gordon

McKittrick, Janis & 2011 donation

McKusick, Dora

Meyer, Don & Jeremy

Miklas, Ray

Morrison, Alexander & Suzanne

Muehhausen, David

Murphy, James

Nash, Shirley Trust

Nuno, Arturo

O'Malley, Tom & Peggy

Oberg, John & Cynthia

Oseguera, Alfonso & Marie

Patterson, James

Peterson, Andrew

Pittenger, Robert

Prophet, Robert & Patrica

Ramos, Tim & Shanna

Randolph, Joseph

Richey, Richard & Lorraine

Riley, John

Roza, John

Schimmelpfennin, Rick

Smith, James & Beverly

Sparling, R.

Tolchard, Russ

Torgerson, Tommy & Marcia

Trevino, Jesse

Ulanoski, Robert & Jeanette

Vogel, Mary

Walker, Dave

Ward, Chuck & Barbara

Willey, Gordon & Franciel

Williams, Allen & Beverly

Wolcott, John & Barbara

Zohns, Mark & Laura

American Hauling & Janitorial
American Legion Post #432
Atascadero Chamber of Commerce
Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation
Camp Roberts Museum Fund
Carlton Hotel Investments, LLC
Elks Lodge, San Luis Obispo
Estrella Warbirds Museum
Fidelity Remarketing
Filipponi & Thompson Drilling, Inc. & 2011 donation
First Battalion Ninth Marines, Inc
Kiwanis Club of Atascadero
Knights of Columbus, Council 5175
Knights of Columbus, Santa Lucia
Leatherneck Honor Guard
MCL 1340
Military Officers Association
Military Order of the Purple Heart
Sanford Stone Inc. & 2011 donation
Santa Lucia Bank
SLO Camp N' Pack
The Trom Group
Valley Tile & Stone, Inc.
Veterans United for Truth
Woody's Old Time Barbarshop